Information Required for Tax Return

  • Most recent (Tax year 2018) Federal and State Tax Returns (for new clients only)
  • Form W-2 Wage statements for you and your spouse, if applicable
  • Contractor / Self employment income and expense details, including copies of all 1099-MISC forms you received.
  • 1099INT and/or 1099DIV Forms received from financial institutions for any savings accounts, mutual funds, or stocks that paid you dividends or interest during the year 2019.
  • If you received any alimony in 2019, Name of Payor & Social Security # and Amount received.
  • Form 1099 G, if you have any unemployment compensation in 2019.
  • SSA-1099 Forms if you have received any social security benefits in 2019.
  • 1098 Forms or your year end mortgage statement and Property Tax receipt.
  • Closing statement, if you bought a house in 2019.
  • Summary of all medical expenses.
  • Summary of Charitable Contributions during 2019. You must keep a record of the cash contribution, regardless of the amount.
  • Dependent Information (for new clients only): Full Name, Date of Birth, Social Security #, Relationship and Months Lived at Home.
  • Year end Brokerage Statement and details of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds or other property purchased or sold during 2019.
  • Details of distribution from an IRA, Pension, 401(k), HSA or other annuity in 2019.
  • Daycare/After school Care/Nanny expenses: Provider name, Tax id or SSN, Address and total amount paid during the year.

You can send us your documents through one of the following ways:

  • Fax (Recommended) the documents to 888-378-0244.


  • Mail To:

    8552 N. Canton Center Rd, Canton,
    MI 48187


  • Scan your documents and and email to as a file attachment (password protection is recommended).
  • Once your documents are received, we will contact you or send an email to schedule an appointment to review your documents and prepare the tax return.
  • Our Tax Consultants will then discuss on your documents and research to get you Maximum Tax Savings.
  • As soon as the tax return is prepared, we will based on your choice, Mail or Fax or Email you the completed Tax return and the relevant eFile authorization papers for your signature.
  • Upon receipt of your signed eFile authorization papers, we will electronically file the returns with IRS and relevant state tax authorities. You can send the signed eFile authorization papers to us through fax and/or mail.

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