Payroll Advisory & Assistance

Every company in US is required to withhold taxes from the salaries disbursed to its employee on a monthly basis in compliance with local, state and IRS authorities. We shall assist in setting up a proper payroll system/use the existing system, if any and ensure that the employee is paid as per the terms of his/her employment.

  • Timesheet tracking, vacation and proper updation of attendance records.
  • Update data relating to the loans taken by the employees, recovery of which would be through the payroll in case Company has a policy in this regard;
  • Processing payroll, preparation of pay-slips and disbursing pay - cheques /bank transfer advice on a monthly basis;
  • Processing of approved employee expense vouchers;
  • Reconciliation of Health insurance payments
  • Updating salary register;
  • Providing clarifications to employees from to time on the payroll related issues.
  • Preparation and keeping track of all employees W2, 1099 contractors and associated deductions.
  • Year end Preparation of employee W2 and 1099
  • Computing Federal, state and local tax liability, electronically transferring the amount from your bank account on due date and helps to file quarterly or yearly returns in order to avoid heavy penalties.

A common assumption that forecasting and budgeting is a complex Process, along with prohibitive costs to hire exerts in the field is a prime reason most small and mid sized businesses shy away from this area.

Mendons Finance and Tax Servicesís professionals can assist in setting up forecasting and budgeting models. The team will work closely with your key business owners and draw the budget, track it and provide you with the critical alerts you would need to take corrective action in case you are missing your targets and spending more then what you have budgeted for.

It is very important for any business house to have both short term and long term plans. A properly laid out business plan acts as a charter to fulfill the organizational mission. The dedicated experts can help you in preparing a business plan that is aligned with your organizationís long term objectives.

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