Corporate Advisory Services

The financial markets have matured and the prevalent free economic environment encourages the exchange of cutting edge ideas. Mendons Group, along with its strategic partners provides various advisory services that can benefit your business and help you take advantage of this economic environment.

  • Mendons Group, helps to choose proper form of business entity which is most advantageous to client like S Corporation, C Corporation, Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, by analyzing in detail pros and cons of each type of entity.
  • Capital structuring for S Corporations, C Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Liability Company, trusts etc.
  • Evaluate different grade of risk capital, ranging from venture capital funding to plain vanilla debt.
  • Various methodologies to manage working capital needs.
  • Management of financial risks through various options including risk transference.
  • We help validate demand and revenue analysis, validate growth plans and sets pricing strategies and conducts impact analysis of differing economic situations.
  • We help evaluate major investment decisions including R&D, capital and related risk mitigating mechanisms.
  • We help in Brand strategy development, marketing ROI and performance management.
  • Based on primary research ,helps in consumer analysis, consumer segmentation, key trends and buyer behavior.

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